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Nothing is more important than children’s health and happiness.  Yoga provides all the vital foundations for physical, mental and emotional development. It’s also a fun activity for kids! Miss Karen visits our centre’s every week to practice yoga with our Kool Kids.  She has developed a program which allows you to practice what you learn...


Learning a second language boosts problem-solving, critical-thinking, and listening skills, in addition to improving memory, concentration, and the ability to multitask.  Miss Kazu is passionate about early childhood development and teaches the children about Japanese culture by using music and short film clips allowing them to learn the language through sounds rather than individual words....


Children who learn another language before age five use the same part of the brain to acquire that second language that they use to learn their mother tongue. Younger learners are also uninhibited by the fear of making mistakes, which is sometimes an obstacle for older beginners. Miss Kazu teaches Japanese in a fun and...


Introducing the Toddle Little Monsters story: The Boogers are Coming. Confusion is a feeling shared by most during this pandemic and whilst the world adjusts to a new normal, children can be left wondering what on earth is going on? Toddle’s Little Monster characters are based on the six children’s personality archetypes and, amongst other...


The ILR Program uses a unique colour and number system to identify the key phonetic sounds in the English language. Comprising 22 vowel sounds, 18 consonant sounds, and 7 digraph sounds, ILR uses a system of universally recognised colours and numbers, to allow every English sound and word to be ‘read’. We love to partner with families to share...


Children come into contact with germs every day. We as child care providers are always vigilant when it comes to the hygiene of our staff, children and centre environments. It is important that we teach our children how germs spread and why hand washing is so vital. Handwashing is easy, inexpensive, effective, and a simple...


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About Kool Beanz

We focus on getting your children better prepared for school both socially and emotionally. We inspire their imaginations with innovative, leading-edge, play-based learning programs. Our interactive program is unique to Kool Beanz Academy, giving your child an exciting, rare experience.
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