Community Education Program

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Kool Beanz Academy believes in the importance of teaching our children about their local community, working in partnership, and embedding the uniqueness of the local society within our educational program. By doing this it educates your child about the different roles within their community such as schools, businesses, the emergency services, and community centres.

early learning centre


Communities can generate a feeling of belonging to a time, place, and culture. It can also provide an opportunity to learn how to communicate and get along with a variety of different people, not just their peers, playing an important role in the development of your child’s feelings.

early learning centre

Social Connections

These social connections will also assist in boosting your child’s confidence while interacting with others who differ from them in age, belief, occupation, and a myriad of other ways.  Through relationships, children can also discover more about who they are.

At Kool Beanz Academy we understand and acknowledge the vital part this plays in linking our Childcare Services with the local community, networking and working in partnerships are key in building strong foundations and creating smoother transitions for our children.

early learning centre

About Kool Beanz

We focus on getting your children better prepared for school both socially and emotionally. We inspire their imaginations with innovative, leading-edge, play-based learning programs. Our interactive program is unique to Kool Beanz Academy, giving your child an exciting, rare experience.
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