Our Difference

Learning and Growing at Childcare centres in NSW


Children learn more during their early years than at any other time in their life. We love inspiring young minds, encouraging them to explore the world around them and learn about themselves through interactive play with others. Our academy offers plenty of opportunities for your child to reach their full potential in a creative and nurturing environment.

We inspire their imaginations with innovative, leading-edge, play-based learning programs. Our interactive program is unique to Kool Beanz, giving your child an exciting, rare experience.

Learning and developing kids at Kool Beanz Academy


Our playgrounds have been designed to complement the environment and ensure children have access to resources like never before. Inside we offer state of the art facilities with subject specific classroom environments that are sure to excite and nurture our future artists, scientists, chefs -whatever their hearts desire.

Choosing a family owned and operated centre means you can feel confident that your child will receive a head-start in their education with our hands-on approach. We focus on getting your children better prepared for school both socially and emotionally.

sustainable environment education


Sustainability is “environment education”. Learning about the environment and how natural systems function is an integral part of our education program. Everything that we need for our survival and wellbeing relating directly to our natural environment is incorporated into our everyday learning activities.

community education at child care centre


Being a part of a community teaches children many things. Communities can generate a feeling of belonging to a time, place, and culture. It can also provide an opportunity to learn how to communicate and get along with a variety of different people, not just their peers. Our Academy engages with the local communities of each centre teaching the children that it is important to support each other.

These community and social connections will also assist in boosting your child’s confidence while interacting with others who differ from them in age, belief, occupation, and a myriad of other ways.

In addition to giving your child a sense of place within their world, being a part of community can help your child build strong relationships with others. Through relationships, children can also discover more about who they are.